Monday, January 31, 2022



Monday, January 10, 2022

-30 Morning

This seems like the winter of temperatures below -30C during the day. There is a section of the river that is still open so if it is relatively still, the mist or ice fog comes up from the river. Even with a small breeze the wind chill drops to -35C or below so you have to dress with layers of warm clothing and have some well insulated snow boots. As soon as you put the camera up to your face the viewfinder fogs up. Because you are looking into the direction of the sun, the viewing screen is very dark and difficult to see. Once you are finished, the camera has to be placed in a sealed plastic bag and let it warm to room temperature for several hours, otherwise the camera frosts up and then is dripping with water. I have included a colour and then a black and white image for each of the shots. With Covid all around, people are supposed to remain isolated. It was funny, I only saw one person walking their dog even though it was near noon and the sun was out.